Using 1800/Toll-Free Numbers

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Toll-free numbers make it easy for potential customers to contact a business, no matter the location. Businesses can employ a toll-free number locally, nationally, or they can even go out of the country to garner additional business. Toll-free numbers create a connection between a business and customers, while reaching a larger target base than before. Calling a toll-free number costs the caller nothing, that’s the beauty of it. Before, long-distance calls turned off customers to companies not located outside of their comfort zone. The appeal for buying locally was twofold:first the business was a part of the customers community. Second, something outside of that community is an unknown commodity. Having a toll-free number combines the benefits of having a local telephone number and the benefits of having a reach that’s more extensive. Reducing perceived barriers between a potential customer and a company is a focal point for marketing strategies everywhere.

Many do not realize the potential that a toll-free number has for being a marketing tool. It’s a way to become more approachable, but it can also help a company be more memorable than competitors. Conveying a company name or message in a “vanity number,” gives many companies a leg-up on their competitors by making it hard for potential customers to forget the company. Think of a toll-free number as a brand, and not just a phone number. Why? Because the phone number is a brand. It can pull just as much weight as a well-designed website, or a renowned product a business may be known for.