Infographic: Smartphone Revolution

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Smartphones are taking over. Today’s smartphones are designed to make our lives easier–there’s an app for everything, so it’s no surprise that consumers are using their phones for just about everything, from managing finances to digesting the latest viral video. For this reason smartphone ownership has skyrocketed in recent years, to the point that iPhone sales are not outpacing human births!

One of the greatest aspects of smartphones is how they have completely transformed the way we connect and interact. With the touch of a finger you can access information on almost anything, connect with people across the globe–and make purchases instantly.

Is your business utilizing the power that smartphones have over the public? If you haven’t already, you need to be thinking about how you can include mobile into your marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, you’re already behind the times. This infographic will tell you just how much smartphones have integrated into the way we shop–and why there’s no turning back.