Laughter lifts spirits among bushfire survivors as they stand on the beach in the community of Atsa (AFP)

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Laughter lifts spirits among bushfire survivors as they stand on the beach in the community of Atsa (카지노 사이트AFP)

‘Caught up in horror’: Rescuer who rescued 100 survivors of the Katoomba fire told ABC News they knew they had to do something

Fire: Residents said they heard a massive explosion from the area as a blaze enguapronxlfed several buildings and destroyed buildings

Scattered flames had started up within five minutes of the blaze at the back of the houses in the village, which was caught up in horror and chaos.

It was the second time this week that the village in southern Queensland had been hit by a우리카지노 massive bushfire.

Firefighters battled to contain a bushfire in Atsa, near Brisbane, on Monday but managed to save more than 400 houses, a state of emergency declared across the country this week.

The fire, which destroyed almost a quarter of a city block, was extinguished within two minutes.

The blaze in rural south-east Queensland was due to have started on Tuesday when a large pile of rubbish and discarded clothing from the local landfill was moved.

Residents said there were two sets of people living with the house in one of the neighbouring houses in Atsa – two people that went from house to house until some of the debris had been brought to the front of the houses to be burned off.

All but two of the 120 houses had been destroyed.

Two fire department crews, along with one volunteer firefighter, had been helping to break down the front doors in the house in which the residents lived at the time of the blaze.

The residents said the firefighters and a volunteer firefighter were at the scene in minutes and had managed to reach all the windows, making it much easier for them to get inside when the fire burst from the rear of the houses into the village.

‘The firemen were able to break down the doors in a matter of two minutes because there was no fire inside the houses, they could actually move the rubbish inside and the firemen were able to go inside and put the rubbish out,’ one woman said.

The residents said they thought there would be smoke and fire but there had been no fire on the ground and there were no buildings on fire.

‘This was just a big disaster in Atsa and there had been a fire in the garage and everyone got trapped under the garage on fire,’ a second woman told AAP.

A second volunteer firefighter who spent a short time at the scene said th