Give Your Business a Boost: Leveraging 800 Numbers to Grow Your Customer/Client Base

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ADMIN JUNE 27, 2014 Give Your Business a Boost: Leveraging 800 Numbers to Grow Your Customer/Client Base

As a small business owner, you may find yourself discouraged by your inability to afford an effective advertising campaign and stifled in your efforts to expand your customer base. There is, fortunately, a way that you can increase the perceived size of your brand without taking on unnecessary debt or funding a national ad campaign, and that is through the addition of a toll free 800 number to your business. There are plenty of benefits to this often overlooked tool.


Toll free numbers have the inherent quality of being easy to remember, which by itself, helps you combat one of the least reliable aspects of customer care: their memory. Potential customers who learn of you before they are ready to make a purchase will have a greater chance of finding you if they already know how to get a hold of you, especially if it requires minimal mental effort.


One of the strongest benefits of a toll free number is the included forwarding service. It will forward to any second number, including your cell phone, allowing you to give the customer one way to contact you without tying yourself, or your employees, to a specific location. This is the same number you can use nationwide, which also eliminates any potential long distance charges for clients calling from outside your local area code. Call forwarding effectively extends your business hours, since you can continue to receive customer calls after you’ve left the office.


Once you purchase a toll free number, it is yours for as long as you need it. It goes where you go, regardless of who your telephone provider is. If you pull up stakes and move to a different city, your number will stay exactly the same. Customers, both new and old, need be none the wiser and your business communication can proceed uninhibited during a transition. In a 2012 survey by clickfox, participants indicated that reliable customer service was the number one way to build customer loyalty.


A local number is like an advertisement for the small size of your company. Where big businesses have dedicated numbers for each department, your local number implies a lack of either success or experience that could turn some people off before they even meet you. While there are certainly other factors that contribute to your company reputation among unknown clients, your ability to maintain a polished, professional front has a direct effect on how your company is perceived.


For all the benefits a toll free number can bring your company in terms of customer base and increased business, it does so at only a marginal cost increase. The ability to expand your reach and customer base ought to far outweigh the price to ahieve it. WIth only a small amount of success, your investment in a number would easily pay for itself.


An distinct advantage of a toll free number over a local number is the ability to create a vanity number. A vanity number will not only make your number even easier to remember, but it will also grant you the benefit of including brand phrases right into your initial communication. For example, a plumber might use the phrase “NO LEAKS” which has reputation and the brand message built right into the contact info, while also keeping the number itself simple to recall when needed. A toll free number will allow extensions that can be ad campaign specific. Different extensions can forward to different lines, which also allows for an increased volume of calls, which can lead to increased sales and increased ROI.