Has your marriage hit the itch that is seven-year? Listed here is how exactly to endure it

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We never expected that it is perfect. We don’t rely on fairy stories or purchase the big, bombastic, ‘Is it nevertheless raining? We hadn’t noticed’, Four Weddings and a Funeral-style love. I was thinking we had been muddling along okay – busy with life, work, toddler-rearing and dog-wrangling – until things began to unravel.

One Saturday in April he arrived as much as me personally, arms folded, demanding, it is?‘Do you know what day’ I looked blank. ‘It’s our anniversary,’ he said crossly. We flicked through my psychological journal and realised, with a stomach that is knotting that he had been appropriate.

We seldom marked our relationship milestones with fanfare but at the very least I’d been conscious of them in past years.Continue Reading