Whenever Stan along with his family move around in down the street, the Jennings introduce themselves

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The Beemans Edit

After Stan shares that he’s an FBI counterintelligence representative devoted to hunting down Soviet agents, Philip and Elizabeth panic. Nonetheless, they quickly started to still find it merely coincidence. Against Elizabeth’s desires, Philip pursues relationship with Stan, maybe perhaps not totally for work purposes, showing up to truly take pleasure in the time they invest together, usually in the racquetball court.

Paige quickly develops a crush on Matthew Beeman, and Henry increasingly relies increasingly more on Stan being a daddy figure (as a result of their work, which include wedding to Martha, Philip is actually missing from your home, and concentrates more on Paige as he’s here). Once the Jennings spend extended time away because of Elizabeth’s medical crisis (shot by Stan, unacquainted with her identification) the Beemans care for the Jennings’ young ones. At one point, whenever Elizabeth concerns just what will become of Henry and Paige if any such thing occurs in their mind, Philip jokes that they will be raised by the Beemans.

Sandra is friendly towards Elizabeth in addition they go out drinking even and dancing on a single event, but Elizabeth generally speaking keeps her at supply’s size.Continue Reading