4 Big Ways a Virtual Phone Service for Small Businesses Can Boost Overall Success

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Saving money wherever possible and squeezing every drop of efficiency out of every dollar spent is the perpetual charge of the small-business owner. Telephone networks provide an excellent opportunity to do just that. A virtual phone service can not only save money, but can improve efficiency and dramatically reduce the need for staff, which would otherwise be required to answer and route incoming calls.

Virtual Phone Service

There are an endless stream of providers that offer virtual phone service with a range of different price structures, features and options — and they will all be happy to tell you why their service is the the best. The general function of them all, however, is the same. Virtual phone numbers — also known as direct inward dialing, or DID — automatically route incoming calls to a predetermined number or numbers. The service works with fixed landlines, Internet-based VoIP networks and mobile phones.

Go Toll Free

Virtual numbers give small businesses the chance to puff out their chests and appear larger and more sophisticated than they really are. By linking the virtual phone service to a toll-free number, businesses can achieve the polished credibility that comes with an 800 number. Taking it a step further, a toll-free vanity number is not only easy to remember and more likely to be dialed, but helps with branding and marketing.

Save on Hardware, Software and Staffing

Not only is the service software-based and remotely hosted, but businesses that subscribe to virtual phone numbers can link the service to their existing phones. This means there is no investment in either hardware or software. The subscription fee is the only fee. Once you get a virtual phone number, any calls placed to that number are automatically routed to the number or numbers chosen by the subscribing business. This central feature — routing calls to avoid having customers reach a busy signal or a recorded message — saves money on something that has long been prohibitive to small businesses: Building and staffing call centers.

Give Your Business Mobility and Flexibility

A virtual phone number is like a virtual receptionist that can answer and route calls — even to your mobile phone. If your business has closed for the evening, or if you’re a sole proprietor who works in the field, any call to your business will come to the phone you carry in your pocket. If you’re in a meeting, the service can forward your calls to a capable subordinate. If you close for the evening, calls can be routed to the landline at your house. A virtual number allows customer calls to go wherever you go.

Micro-Schedule with Time-of-Day Routing

Time-of-Day routing is an advanced feature that adds even more flexibility to a virtual phone service. Essential to companies that do business across time zones, time-of-day routing allows even more precision in scheduling. Calls can be routed to different numbers at specific times of day, or specific days of the week. If your office is on 4 Big Ways a Virtual Phone Service for Small Businesses Can Boost Overall Successthe East coast, and your business closes at 5pm, calls can be routed to a reception center in California until 8. If you’re closed on Sundays, calls can be routed to your mobile on that day, and that day only.

Virtual phone numbers give even the smallest businesses access to comprehensive communications networks that were — until recently — reserved for only the biggest and most sophisticated companies. Virtual numbers can be linked to both local numbers and toll-free numbers, and are routed without the customer knowing their call is being bounced to a different location. Small businesses must always search for ways to reduce cost and streamline operations. One of the first and best places to do both is with a virtual number.